Online writing contests for kids

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Can You Trust Online Reviews?

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We updated it in Addition Works must not have been reorganized elsewhere. Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards. Writer’s Digest hosts the Popular Fiction Awards.

This competition spotlights writing in many categories including Romance, Thriller, Crime, Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Young Adult.

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Easier - Poetry is a kind of writing, usually in verse is set out in short lines with words put together in rhythm or rhyme or both. Poetry is about a writer sharing with the. Play free online book-based games for kids, test knowledge about books, practice skills in writing activities, and take polls and personality quizzes.

Art Contests for Kids

Thousands of dollars in prize money is given to writers every year through contests and competitions. Each year, hundreds of literary magazines, universities, memorial funds, and publications seek out the best of the best -- the best poetry, the best fiction, the best essays and memoirs, the best books, the best children's literature, the best scripts and screenplays.

A long time ago, when Stone Soup was first founded, we didn’t commission illustrations. Instead, we published pieces of art that excited us—regardless of their connection to a specific story!

We have recently decided to return to this practice.

Totem Head’s Annual Contest

Visit Scholastic's website for kids about books, reading, authors, games & more. Kids connect to books through online friends in their community profiles.

Online writing contests for kids
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