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Assessment and Documentation of Pressure Ulcers Jeri Ann Lundgren, RN, BSN, PHN, CWS, CWCN Pathway Health Services ASSESSMENT • When a pressure ulcer is present, daily • One tool that can be used to monitor changing status of a pressure ulcer is the PUSH tool.

The assessment tool used throughout my area of work, is the Waterlow Scale. The Waterlow Scale was developed by Judy Waterlow inwhile working as a clinical nurse teacher. It was originally designed for use by her student and is used to measure a patient’s risk of developing a pressure sore.

An initial all natural assessment, looking at all contributing factors such as ability to move, continence and diet will provide set up a baseline that will identify her level of risk as well as identifying any existing pressure damage.

Interventions Participants allocated to either a Waterlow (n=) or Ramstadius (n=) screening tool group or to a clinical judgement group (n=) where no formal risk screening instrument was used. An initial assessment will provide a baseline that will identifiy Mrs A’s level of risk as well as identifying any existing pressure damage.

The assessment tool used throughout my area of work is The Waterlow Scale was researched and developed by Judy Waterlow. The waterlow score helps to find out whether there is a possibility of developing a pressure ulcer in a patient or not (Waterlow, ).The MUST tool is a screening tool for nutritional assessment that identifies under nutrition and over nutrition (obesity) in a patient (BAPEN, ).

Waterlow assessment tool essay help
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